About Us

Founded in 1999, youngStartup Ventures was built on the dream of assisting entrepreneurs in building successful enterprises. We invest our time, experience, knowledge, connections and team-oriented approach. We place tremendous value on creating working partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams who have the character and the drive to succeed.


We have a straightforward and open approach. We work with entrepreneurs in a collaborative style, playing a valuable supportive role. Before making any matches with investors, we seek to establish compatible objectives with entrepreneurs and management teams.

We assist growing companies in accessing angel financing, and venture capital investments. ySV is frequently engaged to analyze projects, create strategic plans, validate business plans, perform due diligence, and assist management in implementing stated goals. ySV is instrumental in refocusing the vision of entrepreneurs so that their undertakings meet the requirements of investors.

What we bring to the table:

  • In-depth industry Experience
  • Broad and deep networks of industry contacts
  • Deep understanding of the early stage investor community

When we receive your business plan submission the typical process is:

  • An email confirming receipt within 24 hours
  • Initial review by one of ySV executives and associated feedback
  • Further investigation through follow-up meetings and conversations
  • Opportunity is evaluated by full ySV investment team
  • Formal due diligence performed by ySV to confirm the quality of opportunity and validate all data provided
  • Business plan matched with Investors


Through our filtering process, we are able to successfully pre-screen new business ventures. The results:

  • Access to high quality deal flow
  • Elimination of time spent on plans that don't match preferences
  • Validation of business model assumptions
  • Investment management services

Adding value in our markets requires an ability to "peel the onion" allowing us to gain a knowledge advantage that comes from, in-depth research. We have a management team of highly skilled professionals, and have a method which allows us to bring the best ideas and companies to the forefront. Our screening process revolves around focusing on the essentials required for success and identifying value-add candidates through which we pass along to our investment network.

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