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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you on such a wonderful job in organizing New York Summit.  More than thanking you for your organizational capabilities I thought I would thank you for the opportunities which have sprung from our having attended the summit.  While we are not yet funded because of attending the summit, time being too short, we have made several very interesting contacts and our deal is seriously being considered.  Additionally I want to say that I felt the quality of presenters, both the entrepreneurs and also the panel members was first rate.  I have attended and participated in these events in several states and on both coasts and this event is still the best..”
 -- John Zevgolis, CEO, Maxx Technologies, Inc.

“We first used Young StartUp when we were just that- a three month old company with three founders at the kitchen table. We presented, and youngStartup Ventures led us directly to investors that participated in both our Series A and Series B rounds. It works.”
 -- Dave Gwozdz, CEO, Mojiva, Inc.
“This is a great event, I think the quality of companies were outstanding. I think presentations were strong. I’m actually looking forward to following up with a number of companies that I listened to in terms of presentation as well as entrepreneurs that I spoke to on the sidelines in the hallway and in the presentation room.”
-- Daniel J. Schultz, Co-Founder & Managing Director, DFJ Gotham Ventures
“Over the course of nearly a decade I have participated in numerous youngStartup conferences and meetings and always found them to be a highly interactive, multidimensional way to think out loud, to learn, to understand emerging trends, and to network with the entrepreneurial community. Especially now that New York City is once again becoming a major hub of venture investment and entrepreneurship, Joe Benjamin and his youngStartup forums deserve the attention of those who seek to  understand the early stage venture ecosystem in our area.
-- Dan Burstein, Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners
 “It’s a terrific forum for young startups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, even service providers, to come together.” “I have met a number of new companies and also have a chance to reacquaint myself and reconnect with some companies that I have met prior and catch up on their progress.” “I have made a lot of connections here, it’s great”
-- Jeff Bussgang, Partner, Flybridge Capital
“I thought today’s summit was fantastic, coming from the west coast we have a different group of people that we meet and it’s always good to meet people on the east coast to build relationships. Knowing fellow investors is very critical and I’ve been able to meet some very very good investors. Also meeting entrepreneurs is very important and that kind of dynamic is something I saw here. I was very impressed and would love to continue to participate in the future.”
-- Patrick Chung, SK telecom Ventures
“The event is fabulous. I’m amazed by the large crowd and great enthusiasm in the room.  Joe’s done it once again!” “Guess what; even though it’s terrible economic times, there is still a great opportunity as an entrepreneur. If you have a terrific company there is opportunity to get our wallets out of our pockets.”
-- Jeanne Sullivan, Partner, Starvest Partners
“It’s a great venue for networking first and foremost.  This conference has introduced us to a number of people that we would never have seen otherwise, as well as collaborations with our portfolio companies and other portfolio companies.
So there is good energy in the air, and a very constructive environment.”
-- Dr. Douglas Lind, Managing Partner, GBP Capital
"The quality of the feedback given to entrepreneurs by investors prior to "showtime" was unparalleled in my experience. I highly recommend this conference."
-- Mary Lincoln Campbell, Managing Director, EDF Ventures
“YoungStartUps conference was a well-structured and organized event with a very high bar for qualifying ventures selected to present. This is the major issue for VC's to consider when selected events to attend as many are diluted with too many companies, many of which have not vetted their concepts.”
 -- Konstantine A. Drakonakis, PE // Director // LaunchCapital, LLC
“The caliber of the companies presenting has improved every year, and is actually at quite a nice level…. It’s also impressive that companies can get up there and present what they’re doing in a very short period of time, so it’s a very efficient way to hear about a lot of companies quickly, and I think the panels are good topics; good panel members and a lot of good issues are being addressed. So I think all the way around it’s been a good day overall for everybody.”
-- Noah Kroloff, Managing Partner, NGN Capital
“The level and quality of folks that are real venture capitalists, manage in private equity; Folks that are actively looking for opportunities.”
-- Wolf Shlagman, CEO, Consult a Doctor
“I have seen about 50-60 business opportunities both in pharmaceuticals, in Healthcare/IT and also medical devices, and I have met so many different venture capitalists and heard their perspective, so that really is and eye opener for me today.”
-- Iqbal Hussain, President, Meridian Laboratories
“ I think the most impressive thing is probably the ratio of venture capitalists to entrepreneurs. There are at least 50, if not more venture capitalists that were walking around looking at the deals, and again I think that’s a really nice and healthy ratio for the entrepreneurs, because at the end of the day it’s all about them connecting with us.   I would say the quality of the presenters was very high relative to some of the conferences both on the West coast to the Midwest, and mostly I would say the CEOs are very well prepared and knowledgeable at what it’s going to take to raise money, and I think that they’re prepared for the long haul to meet and make relationships with the venture community.”
-- Mina Sooch, General partner, Apjohn Ventures
“I think the interaction between entrepreneurs, CEOs, the venture community, and investors that are here – I think it’s an extraordinary, strong mix, very productive mix. You don’t see that in a lot of conferences. In fact, I can’t think of any conference that brings is to bare as this one does.”
-- Carl Berke, Berke International Group
“I thought the attendance with investors that are active was impressive, and we had a number of good conversations. I think that in this day and age looking for investors for whom a specific value proposition is a fit, is a little of a needle in a haystack, and there were a few needles in the haystack, that was good.”
-- Walter Greenblatt, Hygeia Therapeutics
“The actual decision makers are here. And I like the fact that a lot of companies are here, a couple west coast companies are coming here, it’s not just the east coast. Not to mention that being able to tell your story to a large audience and get your name out there is part of what every little company needs.
I’m very impressed; I think we’ll definitely come back next year.”
-- Ali Tehrani, CEO, Zymeworks
“I’m very impressed by the turnout. There’s been a lot of interest from the VC industry, and you guys have seemed to capture a lot of the quality firms and representatives here. You guys have done a really good job.”
-- Daniel Wood, General Partner, Mesa Verde VP
“We currently have invested 45 million dollars, the real attitude and feeling of this conference is much more upbeat than the last couple of years have been in bio technology. So I’m quite impressed.
We have a lot of people that are very interested in investing, and we have a substantial number of companies that have progressed their company in lean times, and are now ready for further investments.”
-- David Wurzer, Managing Director, Connecticut Innovations
“ I was impressed by the number of people here, the level of energy. You wouldn’t think the market conditions were as tough as they are when you walked into this room, people are more optimistic than I expected.
Quality of the deals- technology companies that I have talked to, I was pleasantly surprised across all sectors of pharma, bio, and med-tech. some very strong technology companies with interesting ideas that I think have a lot of promise. We’ll definitely look at a number of business plans that we were introduced to at the conference today.”
-- Sinclair Dunlop, Managing Partner, Rock Spring Ventures
"There are very few venues for emerging companies to receive critical and constructive feedback as well as an opportunity to present to the venture capital community. In both design and execution, the Young Start-Up Summits do just that, effectively and repeatedly. I highly recommend their forum for both investors and emerging companies."
-- T. Forcht Dagi, M.D., Partner, HLM Venture Partners