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More than 40 leading VCs will speak at the Summit. These top-tier venture investors will discuss: VC investment trends, strategies for investing in early stage ventures, strategies for finding and accessing capital, what they look for in early stage companies, the kinds of companies they find most attractive, and the do's and don'ts in structuring deals.

Partial List of VC Speakers & Judges Confirmed to Speak Include:

Eric Ahlgren
Senior Associate, Bessemer Venture Partners

Grant Allen
Senior Vice President, ABB Technology Ventures

Tim Bernstein
Managing Director, yet2Ventures

Mike Becker
Managing Director, Vocap Investment Partners

Gil Beyda
Managing Partner, Genacast Ventures

Joe Blair
Associate, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

David Blumberg
Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital

Greg Bohlen
Co-Founder, Union Grove Venture Partners

Nathaniel C. Brinn
Principal, Vital Venture Capital, LLC

Daniel Burstein
Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners

Daniel Carter
Investment Director, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures US

Tanguy Chau
Principal, Formation 8

Steven Chrust
Managing Director, Centripetal Capital Partners

Daniel Chui
Manager, Verizon Ventures

Andrew Clapp
Managing Partner, Arctaris Capital Partners

Matt Cowart
Dell Center For Entrepreneurs, Business Development Manager

Lauren Di Pede
Analyst, Relay Ventures

David Donabedian
Vice President, AbbVie Biotech Ventures

James Dugan
CEO & Managing Partner, OCA Ventures

Imran Eba
Partner, Action Potential Venture Capital

Rami Elkhatib
General Partner, Acero Capital

Tania Fernandez
Founder, DreamCatcher Ventures

Kevin Ferro
CEO, Vatera Holdings

Stan Fung
Managing Director, FarSight Ventures

Eyal Geffen
Managing Partner, Sky Ventures

Sven Harmsen
Principal, BASF Venture Capital

Amir Hasidim
CFO, Gefen Biomed Investments

Bosun Hau
Partner, MVM Life Science Partners

Laurence K. Hayward
Partner, Independence Equity

Ben Hemani
Analyst, Braemar Energy Ventures

Paul Howe
Partner, Oxbridge Capital LLP

Tetsuro Iwata
Senior Manager, MP Healthcare Venture Management

Roman Kikta
Managing Partner, Mobility Ventures

Jak Knowles
Principal, MPM Capital

Carey Lai
Director, Intel Capital

Eddy Lee
Principal, Fenox venture Capital

Larry Li
Founding Partner, zPark Capital

Ben Lin
Managing Partner, Great Oaks Venture Capital

Joanna Linsley
Senior Associate , Baird Capital

Steven London
Partner, Pepper Hamilton

Michael Lousteau
Partner, I2BF

Jim Macdonald
Managing Director, First Analysis

Nurzhas Makishev
Managing Director, W Venture Partners

Mark W. Manning
Partner, Burns & Levinson LLP

Alan Mattamana
Principal, Fairview Capital Partners

Ed Meehan
Founder, Arcady Bay Partners

Fred Meyer
Partner, BioVentures

Vincent Miles
Partner, Abingworth

David Miller
Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group

Avichay Nissenbaum
Co-founder and General Partner, lool ventures

Christopher Nyren
Founder, Educated Ventures

Jay Onda
Principal, DoCoMo Capital

Christine Primmer
Associate, SJF Ventures

Rami Rahal
Co-Founder and General Partner, Blue Cloud Ventures

Stewart Rauner
Managing Partner, Broadband Associates

Mike Rehberg
Sr. Investment Manager, Dow Venture Capital

Lisa Rhoads
Managing Director, Easton Capital Investment Group

Riley Rodgers
Analyst, Arctaris Capital Partners

Praveen Sahay
Managing Director, Wave Equity Partners

Akhil Saklecha
Managing Director, Artiman Ventures

Dan Silverburg
Head of Marketing, Macmillan New Ventures

Eric Steele
Vice President, Catalyst Investors

Thayer Swartwood
Managing Member, T Capital Partners

Brendan Syron
Principal, Scout Ventures

Jason Tagler
Partner, Camden Partners

Sebastian Titz
Manager, New Ventures, 3M New Ventures

Tibor Toth
Managing Director of Investments, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Brent Traidman
General Partner, Fenox Venture Capital

Kathleen Utecht
Venture Partner, Core Innovation Capital

Geeta Vemuri
Senior Managing Director, Baxter Ventures

Sonali Vijayavargiya
Founder & Managing Director, Augment Ventures

David Ward
Managing Partner, MTI Ventures

Jan Westerhues
Investment Partner, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH

Keith Witek
Corporate Vice President, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Pieter Wolters
Vice President, DSM Innovation

Tim Wright
General Partner, Grandbanks Capital

Sue Xu
Partner and Operations Director, zPark Capital