December 12th, 2018

Lombardo's Conference Center, Boston Randolph, MA

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Kyle Adkins, Savano Capital Partners
Kyle Adkins
Savano Capital Partners
Karine Agajanian, Anzu Ventures
Karine Agajanian
Anzu Ventures
Sanjay Aggarwal, F-Prime Capital Partners
Sanjay Aggarwal
F-Prime Capital Partners
Magdi Amin, Omidyar Network
Magdi Amin
Omidyar Network
Mark Austin, Bright Capital
Mark Austin
Bright Capital
Salman Azhar, Duke Angel Network
Salman Azhar
Duke Angel Network
Sunny Bai, CRCM Ventures
Sunny Bai
CRCM Ventures
Janet Bannister, Real Ventures
Janet Bannister
Real Ventures
Peter Bastien, Next47
Peter Bastien
Alex Beletsky, Sidecar Angels
Alex Beletsky
Sidecar Angels
Raghav Bhargava, NEA
Raghav Bhargava
Victor Bian, Intellectual Ventures
Victor Bian
Intellectual Ventures
Laura Bock, QED Investors
Laura Bock
QED Investors
Will Borthwick, Bold Capital Partners
Will Borthwick
Bold Capital Partners
Lee Bouyea, FreshTracks Capital
Lee Bouyea
FreshTracks Capital
Eric Breese, Evonik Venture Capital
Eric Breese
Evonik Venture Capital
Maxx Bricklin, Bold Capital Partners
Maxx Bricklin
Bold Capital Partners
Jason Cahill, McCune Capital
Jason Cahill
McCune Capital
Neil Callahan, Pilot Growth Equity
Neil Callahan
Pilot Growth Equity
Efayomi Carr, Quona Capital
Efayomi Carr
Quona Capital
Sara Chamberlain, Energy Foundry
Sara Chamberlain
Energy Foundry
Christopher Chu, Samsung Catalyst Fund
Christopher Chu
Samsung Catalyst Fund
Meghan Cross Breeden, Red Bear Angels
Meghan Cross Breeden
Red Bear Angels
David Cruikshank, ARCH Venture Partners
David Cruikshank
ARCH Venture Partners
Sophia Dardashti, WorldQuant Ventures
Sophia Dardashti
WorldQuant Ventures
Alan Du, Millennium Technology Value Partners
Alan Du
Millennium Technology Value Partners
Kathryn Meng Elmes, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Kathryn Meng Elmes
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Alison Ernst, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Alison Ernst
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Michael Fanfant, Runa Capital
Michael Fanfant
Runa Capital
David Feldman, Indicator Ventures
David Feldman
Indicator Ventures
Bill Ferguson, Link Ventures
Bill Ferguson
Link Ventures
Mark G. Fields, Alsop Louie Partners
Mark G. Fields
Alsop Louie Partners
Hilary Flynn, National Grid Partners
Hilary Flynn
National Grid Partners
Shawn Flynn, Bay Angels
Shawn Flynn
Bay Angels
Prashant  Fonseka, Tuesday Capital
Prashant Fonseka
Tuesday Capital
Haley  Fradkin, Plum Alley
Haley Fradkin
Plum Alley
Lisa Frusztajer, Portfolia Enterprise Fund
Lisa Frusztajer
Portfolia Enterprise Fund
Kyle Fugere, dunnhumby Ventures
Kyle Fugere
dunnhumby Ventures
Joy Ghosh, Bain Capital Ventures
Joy Ghosh
Bain Capital Ventures
Jamil Goheer, CoVenture
Jamil Goheer
Ben Gorman, F-Prime Capital Partners
Ben Gorman
F-Prime Capital Partners
Edward Greer, Dow Ventures
Edward Greer
Dow Ventures
Jacob E. Grose, BASF Venture Capital
Jacob E. Grose
BASF Venture Capital
Zain Gulamali, Amazon Alexa Fund
Zain Gulamali
Amazon Alexa Fund
Marina Hadjipateras, Trail Mix Ventures
Marina Hadjipateras
Trail Mix Ventures
Hunter Hartwell, Forte Ventures
Hunter Hartwell
Forte Ventures
Laurence Hayward, Independence Equity
Laurence Hayward
Independence Equity
Nathaniel Henshaw, CEI Ventures
Nathaniel Henshaw
CEI Ventures
Michael Hoeksema, Battery Ventures
Michael Hoeksema
Battery Ventures
Lindsay Hyde, Moderne Ventures
Lindsay Hyde
Moderne Ventures
Oren Isacoff, Longitude Capital
Oren Isacoff
Longitude Capital
Jamie  James, GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund
Jamie James
GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund
Lacey Johnson, Green D Ventures
Lacey Johnson
Green D Ventures
Ajay Kamat, Pear Ventures
Ajay Kamat
Pear Ventures
Alex Kaufman, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Alex Kaufman
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Shane Kelly, CrowdSmart
Shane Kelly
Patrick Kenealy, Ridge Ventures
Patrick Kenealy
Ridge Ventures
Jack Kerrigan, Razor
Jack Kerrigan
Jonathan Kerstein, Red Sea Ventures
Jonathan Kerstein
Red Sea Ventures
Daniella Kranjac, Dynamk Capital
Daniella Kranjac
Dynamk Capital
Daniel Kwak, Point72 Ventures
Daniel Kwak
Point72 Ventures
Donna Lecky, Health Venture Capital
Donna Lecky
Health Venture Capital
Bion Ludwig, Savano Capital Partners
Bion Ludwig
Savano Capital Partners
Kyle Lui, DCM Ventures
Kyle Lui
DCM Ventures
Tamim Abdul Majid, OCA Ventures
Tamim Abdul Majid
OCA Ventures
Nurzhas Makishev, NKM Capital
Nurzhas Makishev
NKM Capital
Eller Mallchok, Jumpstart Foundry
Eller Mallchok
Jumpstart Foundry
Coppelia Marincovic, Solvay Ventures
Coppelia Marincovic
Solvay Ventures
Olga Maslikhova, Phystech Ventures
Olga Maslikhova
Phystech Ventures
Tom Mastrobuoni, Tyson Ventures
Tom Mastrobuoni
Tyson Ventures
Hiroki Matsuda, Sozo Ventures
Hiroki Matsuda
Sozo Ventures
David Miller, Clean Energy Ventures
David Miller
Clean Energy Ventures
Julia Moore, Breakout Ventures
Julia Moore
Breakout Ventures
Kirsten Morbeck, SpringRock Ventures
Kirsten Morbeck
SpringRock Ventures
Amit Mulgaonkar, Mithril Capital Management
Amit Mulgaonkar
Mithril Capital Management
Sheila Narayan, Golden Seeds
Sheila Narayan
Golden Seeds
David Nault, Luge Capital
David Nault
Luge Capital
Sara M. Nayeem, NEA
Sara M. Nayeem
Brian Panoff, Shell Ventures
Brian Panoff
Shell Ventures
Sumay Parikh, Quake Capital
Sumay Parikh
Quake Capital
Daniel Povitsky, Sinai Ventures
Daniel Povitsky
Sinai Ventures
Vinny Pujji, Insight Venture Partners
Vinny Pujji
Insight Venture Partners
Venu Raghavan, Wasson Enterprise
Venu Raghavan
Wasson Enterprise
Gopal Rajaraman, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
Gopal Rajaraman
Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
Wanda Reindorf, Clean Energy Ventures
Wanda Reindorf
Clean Energy Ventures
Brendan Rempel, OpenView Venture Partners
Brendan Rempel
OpenView Venture Partners
Martin Ringlein, NextGen Venture Partners
Martin Ringlein
NextGen Venture Partners
Dina  Routhier, Stanley Ventures
Dina Routhier
Stanley Ventures
Praveen Sahay, WAVE Equity Partners
Praveen Sahay
WAVE Equity Partners
Louis Schick, NewWorld Capital Group
Louis Schick
NewWorld Capital Group
Connie Sheng, Nautilus Venture Partners
Connie Sheng
Nautilus Venture Partners
John Simon, Sigma Prime Ventures
John Simon
Sigma Prime Ventures
Emily Snyder, Borealis Ventures
Emily Snyder
Borealis Ventures
Vivek Soni, TiE-Boston Angels
Vivek Soni
TiE-Boston Angels
Siri Srinivas, Draper Associates
Siri Srinivas
Draper Associates
Lyndsey Toeppen, Sandbox Insurtech Ventures
Lyndsey Toeppen
Sandbox Insurtech Ventures
Tibor Toth, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Tibor Toth
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Chisom Uche, SixThirty
Chisom Uche
Claude Vachet, Cycle Capital Management
Claude Vachet
Cycle Capital Management
Maria Velissaris, Pipeline Angels
Maria Velissaris
Pipeline Angels
John Wei, SABIC Ventures
John Wei
SABIC Ventures
Jamie M. Weston, Spring Mountain Capital
Jamie M. Weston
Spring Mountain Capital
Troy Williams, University Ventures
Troy Williams
University Ventures
Lu Zhang, Fusion Fund
Lu Zhang
Fusion Fund
Sanjay Zimmermann, White Star Capital
Sanjay Zimmermann
White Star Capital


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Awesome Attendees

The 13th annual New England Venture Summit, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.

Whether you are an investor seeking access to new deals, or founder and/or CEO of a new venture looking for funding, visibility and growth, The 2018 New England Venture Summit is one event you won't want to miss.

This exclusive full-day Venture Capital Summit will feature:

Venture Panels

Hear top tier VCs, Corporate VCs and Angel Investors on the key issues facing Investors and Startup CEOs alike. Industry experts will provide updated analyses and share their experience with the audience.

To Apply to Speak, Click here!


Company Presentations

Discover more than 50 of the hottest early stage and emerging growth technology, mobile, life sciences, healthcare IT, clean-tech and ed-tech innovators as they present live to leading investors.

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High Level Networking

Connect with investors, startups and potential partners.


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Audience Profile: Venture Capitalists, angel investors, corporate VCs, CEOs, CFOs and other senior management of early stage and emerging growth ventures, technology transfer professionals and premium services firms.

Partial List of VCs Confirmed

Previous Summit Highlights

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Get Noticed Get Funded Grow Faster

A select group of more than 50 Top Innovators from the Technology, CleanTech, Life Sciences, Healthcare, MedTech, and FinTech sectors will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, Corporate Investors, and Strategic Partners.

To apply, your company must be privately held and ideally come from one of the following industry sectors:


  • Mobile
  • Internet/Digital Media
  • IoT
  • EdTech
  • Security
  • Software/IT

Life Sciences / Healthcare

  • Biotech
  • Diagnostics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Healthcare IT
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Energy Storage
  • Transportation
  • Water & Wastewater


  • Banking
  • Blockchain
  • Insurtech
  • Personal Finance
  • Payments
  • Predictive Analytics
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Seed Stage Track

If you are a seed stage company seeking angel funding and would like to present check out our seed stage track.

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  Ticket Available for a limited time Later / On site
Start-Up/Emerging Companies and Tech Transfer $595 $795
Investors $695 $895
General Attendees $895 $1,095



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Free access for seed stage startups | 25 Tickets Available


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Discount Rates:

To inquire about discounted group, startup, non-profit/government, or student rates* email Rivka at

*There are a limited number of student passes to attend NYVS18 at a deeply discounted fee of $295. To request a student registration form, please email Rivka a scan of your current student ID and current transcript.


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