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Mr. Feinstein co-founded BioVentures Investors with Marc Goldberg and has been a General Partner since the inception of Fund I in 1999.

In 1987, he founded Feinstein Kean Healthcare in Cambridge, MA, providing consulting and communications services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. When FKH was sold to the WPP Group in 1999, it had grown into the dominant firm in its market, providing a unique blend of services to support the development of biotechnology companies and the marketing of pharmaceutical product.

Mr. Feinstein has been an advisor to numerous life science companies on public offerings, mergers, limited partnerships, private placements and start-ups. He pioneered the approach of establishing valuation prior to product sales based on scientific and business achievements, and has produced numerous industry surveys and reports.

In 1981, Mr. Feinstein was hired by Dr. Gilbert to direct Biogen's investor relations and communications activities where he served as Vice President, Corporate Communications, until 1987. His responsibilities included managing relationships with US and European investors for this leading international biotechnology company.

Mr. Feinstein was a co-founder of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, served as its executive director during its initial years, and as a board member from its inception in 1985 until 1997. Prior to becoming active in the biotechnology industry, he was a financial journalist, documentary filmmaker and executive director of the University Film Study Center, an academic media study consortium based at MIT.

Mr. Feinstein is a member of the Board of Directors of BioValve Technologies, Inc. and HospitalCare Online, Inc. He co-chairs the Leadership Circle at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology Division. Mr. Feinstein received his B.A. degree in English Literature from New York University in 1969.