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Alison Wagonfeld is an Operating Partner at Emergence Capital. Alison joined Emergence in March 2013 as an Operating Partner, is part of the investment team and works with the Emergence portfolio companies on marketing, strategy, talent/recruiting, and resource development.

Prior to joining Emergence, Alison was the Executive Director of the Harvard Business School California Research Center where she developed nearly 100 case studies about entrepreneurial companies in the Bay Area. Prior to Alison’s role with HBS, Alison worked at Intuit, where she co-founded the company’s home-loan business, QuickenLoans. Alison was also the 2nd employee and SVP of Marketing at Greenlight.com, an online car sales company, incubated by Kleiner Perkins, and later acquired by CarsDirect (Internet Brands). Alison received her B.A. from Yale University and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

The San Francisco Business Journal named Alison one of the “Most Influential Women in the Bay Area” in 2014 and 2015.