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Zavain is a Senior Associate at Lux investing in and collaborating alongside passionate entrepreneurs building paradigm-shifting technologies to disrupt and engage large and greenfield markets. He manages investments in Clarifai, a stealth genetics company, a stealth Artificial Intelligence company, and Tempo Automation. Zavain's interests lie broadly at the intersection of bits, atoms, and intelligence.

Previously, as an investor at Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, he led or co-led numerous early stage investments including early rounds in Zymergen, HumanAPI, and BlockStream. Zavain led the firm's theses in Genetics, Synthetic Biology, and Bitcoin.

Prior to Innovation Endeavors Zavain was an early engineer at Discovery Engine, a next generation keyword search engine ultimately acquired by Twitter. There he engineered Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms across a proprietary distributed systems framework to build web scale ranking algorithms. He was also a founder of Fountainhop, one of the first hyper-local social networks.

Zavain attended Stanford University where he holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems (emphasis in Mathematical Logic) and an M.S. in Computer Science (emphasis in AI and Theory). While in graduate school Zavain researched in Stanford's AI Lab through which he co-chaired the 2012 General Game Playing Championship at IJCAI in Barcelona. He is currently a Lecturer at Stanford, recently teaching courses in Cryptocurrencies and another in Venture Capital, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence. A huge sports fan, Zavain enjoys watching his favorite local teams and advises the Philadelphia 76ers in Moneyball and Data strategy.