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Dan Miller is Managing Director of The Roda Group, a seed-stage venture capital group focused on clean technology. Dan co-founded the firm with Roger Strauch in 1997. Mr. Miller is on the Board of Directors of the four most recent Roda Group investments - mOasis, Inventys, Gridtential, and Axine. The Roda Group believes that mOasis, Inventys, Gridtential, and Axine will fundamentally advance the way we grow food, produce energy, store energy, and clean industrial wastewater, respectively.

Mr. Miller was previously the president and member of the board of Ask Jeeves, Inc. (now Ask.com), a former Roda Group affiliate. He has served on the boards of other former affiliates including PolyServe (now owned by HP), SightSpeed (which was acquired by Logitech), and Solazyme (IPO May, 2011).

Prior to The Roda Group, Mr. Miller was Executive Vice President of TCSI Corporation, a company he co-founded with his Roda Group partner, Roger Strauch. TCSI (now owned by Rocket Software) is a leading provider of integrated software products and services for the global telecommunications industry. Prior to TCSI, Mr. Miller was a systems engineer at Hughes Aircraft's (now Boeing) Space and Communications Group where he was responsible for designing communications payloads for commercial communications satellites.