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About Us

youngStartup’s Venture Summits connect the most innovative, promising venture backed, emerging growth and early stage companies with active Investors, Investment bankers, advisors and corporate professionals.

The summits feature insightful discussions, the newest technologies and latest trends currently shaping the future.  YSV understands how important it is to meet the right people and network with like-minded individuals.   Our summits ensure that only the most cutting edge companies and relevant investors are present. We work hard to make sure that at our conferences you are given the opportunity to mingle with those in the know, chat with those who are informed and forge the connections you need to succeed.
The 2018 New York Venture Summit

Dan Burstein
Managing Partner
Millennium Technology Value Partners

“Over the course of nearly a decade I have participated in numerous youngStartup conferences and meetings and always found them to be a highly interactive, multidimensional way to think out loud, to learn, to understand emerging trends, and to network with the entrepreneurial community. Especially now that New York City is once again becoming a major hub of venture investment and entrepreneurship, Joe Benjamin and his youngStartup forums deserve the attention of those who seek to  understand the early stage venture ecosystem in our area."

Dave Gwozdz
Mojiva, Inc.

“We first used Young StartUp when we were just that- a three month old company with three founders at the kitchen table. We presented, and youngStartup Ventures led us directly to investors that participated in both our Series A and Series B rounds. It works.”

Mina Sooch
General partner
Apjohn Ventures

“I think the most impressive thing is probably the ratio of venture capitalists to entrepreneurs. There are at least 50, if not more venture capitalists that were walking around looking at the deals, and again I think that’s a really nice and healthy ratio for the entrepreneurs, because at the end of the day it’s all about them connecting with us.   I would say the quality of the presenters was very high relative to some of the conferences both on the West coast to the Midwest, and mostly I would say the CEOs are very well prepared and knowledgeable at what it’s going to take to raise money, and I think that they’re prepared for the long haul to meet and make relationships with the venture community.”

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